Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Great article just in time before Hispanic Heritage Month ends....

I read this article this morning and found myself both cracking up and then nodding in agreement. Reading a book (or poem or play or anything really) where the characters have authentic voices is fun. It's real. We don't all sound the same, so why should the characters we read about. I think this is especially important when writing for children and young adults. Kids should be able to see (and hear) themselves in books - the mirror effect. Equally important are those books that give kids a window to the world and let them see and experience something beyond themselves and their own culture. If you've got a few minutes (it's a short article), then give it a read. Gracias, Noemi Gamel! Your article started my day off on the right foot. Three Reasons Why I Use Spanish Phrases in My Writing by Noemi Gamel  Also, if this is your first time visiting the Latin@s in Kid Lit website.... de nada. :) Thank you, Dan Gattuso, for helping me discover the site!

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