Tuesday, November 12, 2013

QR Code Generators

Just finished printing some new business cards to take with me to the AASL conference, and since I was making them myself I decided to splurge and print on both sides. The front has your standard information, and on the back I put my Twitter handle (@nerdeelibrarian) and a QR code that links to this blog. To make the QR code, I went to http://www.qrstuff.com/ which was super easy to use. All you do is choose your data type, add the content (url, phone number, etc.. what ever it is you are linking to), choose a color, and then download/print/email your finished QR code. It's 4 simple steps! You can even order items with your code on it - coffee mugs, t-shirts,ties, etc... Another free and easy to use generator is http://goqr.me/. I like this one because it was simple easy to add text. I have visions of a library scavenger hunt... kids scanning QR codes and getting clues or questions to unlock the next piece of the puzzle. It would be a blast!
QR Code generator

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