Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Thanks giving... Day 3

Are you ready for some fun? Visit SlimeKids (School Library Media Kids) for a  mix of professional and student made book trailers. They are organized grade level and by year. If you hover over a book cover, you'll see the genre, Lexile level, approximate grade levels, and whether or not it is a high interest/low level novel. Each book trailer also includes a text description of the book and a short bit of information about the author. This is a great site to use in conjunction with teaching students how to create their own book trailers. You can have kids watch a few trailers to tease out the basic elements and format. They can talk about what works and what doesn't - really building a feel for what techniques they want to incorporate into their own production. Another great way to use this is to have students watch trailers for books they've already read. After viewing, they can analyze whether or not the trailer was an accurate intro to the book. Quick and easy opportunity to get your students thinking (and then writing or speaking) critically. :)

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